Magento is the fastest growing PHP-based eCommerce solution based on the Zend Framework. This robust CMS helps developers to enrich their store with more useful functionalities with custom modules. Developing a Magento store to get the desired look and feel is not as easy as you might believe, and may take hours due to the wealth of features available for you.

Magento is an award winning open-source eCommerce stack with smart features such as

  • Layered navigation
  • Auto-complete search
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple stores
  • Smart browsing
  • RSS product feeds
  • Tagging and reviewing products
  • Reviewing search terms
  • Reviewing customer tags
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Google sitemap integration
  • Abandoned shopping cart report
  • Catalog-wide product comparisons
  • Product wish lists
  • Zooming the product image

    It was created by Varien, based on the top notch MVC framework—Zend Framework, on March 31, 2008. As with other MVC applications, Magento keeps the display logic separated from the application's business logic.

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